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As we get older, we have problems with our skin, such as dry skin and lack of firmness. If you have a lift-up facial device, you can do face care like an esthetic at home. However, even though it is a facial device, it has various functions such as EMS (electrical stimulation) and RF (radio wave). Do you have a hard time choosing which one can be used for lift care?

Here are some points to check when choosing a lift-up facial device!

① RF? EMS? Choose one with a lift care function

is an abbreviation for Radio Frequency, which is also called radio wave or high frequency. It warms and softens the skin. You can feel the warmth, so it's perfect for relaxing. If you can keep the high temperature for a long time, your skin will become soft and firm.

is a mechanism that moves facial muscles by directly applying a weak electrical stimulus to the muscles. The advantage is that you can easily get the feeling that you are doing lift care because you can actually feel the tingling stimulus. 

The intensity of stimulation varies depending on the product, and some of them feel pain. The one hurts a little, but feels comfortable is the best. Please remember that training facial muscles is very important for lift care.


② Check the basic functions to see if you can continue without difficulty.
Lift care does not work overnight. Assuming that you will continue to use it for a long time, check the basic performance such as care time, frequency of use, weight, size, and waterproof function.

・Care time 

The time required for care varies from 3 to 20 minutes depending on the product, but it can be said that it is easy to continue to take care in about 10 minutes. It can be a hassle to spend a long time when you are busy, but on the contrary, if it is too short, you will not feel that you are using it. 

In addition, most facial devices is used once or twice a week, but the recommended time may differ depending on the function and mode. You may also need to check the recommended frequency of use, especially if you find it difficult to take care of yourself daily.

・Head size and body weight

When watching TV or reading a magazine, in order to perform beauty care effortlessly, the beauty equipment should be a size that can be controlled by one hand. 

Also, don't forget to check the size of the head. If you want to care for your eyes and mouth, which you are worried about lack of elasticity, you can choose a smaller head, and if you plan to use it not only on your face but also on your body, you can choose a slightly larger one.

 ・Waterproof and cordless

Cordless can be used anywhere, such as in the living room or washroom.

If you want to take care while soaking in the bathtub, be sure to choose one that has a waterproof function.

Since it is applied to the skin, hygiene is important. If you can wash it, you can use it with confidence.


③ Do you need a special gel? Check for consumables

Facial equipment is rarely used alone and may require gel, serum or cotton.

Some items require a special gel to enhance the effect of facial equipment.


 ④ Choose one that has a highly safe and reliable warranty card.

Avoid things that are too cheap, check the warranty period and contents such as whether or not repair is possible if the facial equipment breaks down.

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