【Joint Health】LOCOMORE (180 tablets / about 30 days)

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Give everyone the joy and confidence of walking powerfully.

For hobbies and sports, for travel and new encounters. The ability to keep walking on your legs will enrich your daily life.And the key to that is leg health.

Therefore, Suntory has been conducting research with the desire to respond to all those who wish to continue walking. He found that "strong support for the leg muscles" and "supporting the smoothness of the knee joints" are important for walking.

Based on this point of view, Japan's first combination of four components in the walking function area has realized an unprecedented combination of muscle components that strengthen the muscles of the legs and cartilage components that support the smoothness of the knee joint.

* It is a food with functional claims "Locomore".

■ Contents
180 tablets (for about 30 days)
■ Raw material name
Shark cartilage extract powder (containing chondroitin / type II collagen) (domestic production), fish meat extract powder (containing imidazole peptide), dextrin, salmon nasal cartilage extract powder (containing proteoglycan) / glucosamine, cellulose, enzyme-treated rutin, silicon oxide, stearic acid Ca acid, brightener, vitamin D
(Some include crab, shrimp, salmon and gelatin)

■ Nutrition facts label [per 6 tablets (2.22g)]
Calories / 8.59kcal, Protein / 0.62g, Fat / 0-0.04g, Carbohydrate / 1.49g, Salt Equivalent / 0-0.07g, Vitamin D / 5.0µg
■ Functional ingredients [per 6 tablets (2.22g)]
Glucosamine hydrochloride / 1200mg, chondroitin sulfate / 60mg, quercetin glycoside / 90mg, anserine / 10mg Anserine is one of the imidazole peptides.

■ Other ingredients [per 6 tablets (2.22g)]
Type II collagen / 45 mg, proteoglycan 1000 µg * Some of the raw materials include crab, shrimp, salmon, and gelatin. * Please be careful if you are allergic to crustaceans such as crabs and shrimp.
* Please refer to the recommended daily dose and be careful not to overdose.