【Organic cultivation】 Plum Extract Pellets

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[Contents]: 90g (approx. 600 tablets)
[Raw materials]: Organic plum extract (Nara / Mie), organic rice flour / organic paddy rice roasted powder (domestic)
[Ingredients]: (in 100g) Protein 15.3g, Lipid 0.3g, Carbohydrate 58.8g, Sodium 16.1g, Organic Acid 25.5g, Potassium 1.7g, Magnesium 140mg, Iron 107mg, Zinc 89.8mg
[Best-by date before opening]: 2 years at room temperature
[Remarks]: Divide 15 to 30 tablets a day into several times with water or lukewarm water.

◇ Additive-free Ome 1kg-40g
◇ Sweet and sour
◇ As it is, or by dissolving it in hot water or tea, it can be used as a secret ingredient in cooking.

Umeken's organic plum meat extract and grains are organic products made using organic JAS certified raw materials. Only the large, high-quality squeezed juice of organically grown ome fruit is carefully boiled down, and the plum extract concentrated to about 1/50 and the organically grown rice flour are kneaded into round grains that are easy to eat.