Be Like a Model!

What I want to be is a sharp and sharp model face.
I want to be the ideal model face that everyone admires by the massage effect!
By combining selected beauty ingredients, while approaching skin firmness and elasticity,
It gives you a refreshing and beautiful expression with a sigh.
Professional brand from aesthetic salon, spa,
"SANDALPHON has earned the unwavering trust of the beauty world.
We will do our best to support all women who are positive about being beautiful.


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SanDalPhon The Model Face Gel 50gSanDalPhon The Model Face Gel 50g
SanDalPhon The Model Face Cream 50gSanDalPhon The Model Face Cream 50g
SanDalPhon Body Smoother 250mLSanDalPhon Body Smoother 250mL
Sale price12,090 yen