What is the value of NMN

As mentioned earlier in "what is nmn", the core value of NMN is that it can most effectively improve the level of NAD+, so let's see what value NAD+ has.

  • Provides energy for various biochemical reactions in cells.
  • Assists various proteins in their respective missions, especially sirtuins, the proteins responsible for repairing damaged DNA.


What is sirtuins

  • Sirtuins are a family of enzymes, participating in cellular stress responses and damage repair.
  1. One particular sirtuin called Sirt1 can stabilize telomeres, the shortening of which is thought to be closely related to aging.
  2. Sirtuins involved in the secretion of insulin, as well as in various metabolic processes.
  3. Sirtuins can help maintain genome integrity and promote DNA repair.
  • Sirtuins are a class of NAD(+)-dependent enzymes, sirtuins' activation requires NAD+.

NAD+ plays a key role in cellular energy supply

  • NAD+ is one of the keys to maintaining healthy mitochondrial functions
Therapeutic potential of NAD+ boosting