No matter how much skin care you take, you will be worried about darkening of pores and keratin plugs. "Water peeling (scriber)", a facial device that removes dirt from pores with ultrasonic vibrations, is useful for keratin care that cannot be covered by such usual care. Many of them are equipped with functions such as ion cleansing and ion moisture, so don't you wonder which one to use?

"5 points" you need to check!

①The number of vibrations shown

The vibration of ultrasonic waves creates fine splashes and repels dirt. Generally, it is said that the greater the number of vibrations, the greater the peeling power.

②The shape of the head is based on whether it hits the T zone

The shape of the head makes a big difference depending on the product. The point is to choose the one that is easy to hit the "T zone" where dirt tends to remain.

③If it is waterproof and cordless, it can be used in the bathroom

Choose the one that says "IPX5" or "IPX6" on the package. It may be described only as "waterproof", but IPX5 and IPX6 are resistant to running water, so it will not be a problem if it is exposed to a little shower water.

④Check the material of the head, if you are allergic to metal

You don't have to worry about it because it doesn't affect the functionality such as dirt removal and ease of use, but be careful if you have a metal allergy.

⑤Check out other beauty features

There are many types with various modes such as ion cleansing, ion moisture, and tapping.