YA-MAN Photo PLUS Prestige SS (Nano L Serum 100mL set)
YA-MAN Photo PLUS Prestige SS (Nano L Serum 100mL set)
YA-MAN Photo PLUS Prestige SS (Nano L Serum 100mL set)

YA-MAN Photo PLUS Prestige SS (Nano L Serum 100mL set)

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DYHP - New technology specialized for beauty ingredient penetration

With "DYHP" focusing on the beauty clinic technology, the usual skin care cosmetics will become more popular. Hyperpulse x EMS x ion introduction output simultaneously Yarman's original "DYHP" that simultaneously outputs hyperpulse, EMS, and ion introduction from a newly developed split electrode. Permeates beauty ingredients deep into the stratum corneum rather than applying it by hand.

EYE CARE - Dedicated head for delicate eyes

By rotating 180°, a new eye care head is attached that gently adheres to delicate eyes. RF (radio wave) x micro current x EMS to relieve your eyes While warming with RF, it gives firmness with a weak microcurrent, and at the same time stimulates muscles with EMS. Carefully and efficiently cares for the eyes that are prone to aging signs.

MODE - Careful selection of efficient care

Optimal programming of 10 functions in 4 modes


Gently warm and absorb pore dirt

The W effect of RF + ions adsorbs dirt that cannot be removed by washing the face. At the same time, EMS provides lift care. RF (radio wave) / EMS (high frequency) / ion derivation / red LED / vibration


Lift care that penetrates and absorbs beauty ingredients into the stratum corneum

DYHP and light (red and orange) permeate beauty ingredients into the stratum corneum of the skin. At the same time, it is equipped with an EMS that allows the skin to stick to the skin, and also provides lift care that takes into consideration the experience. RF (radio wave)/DYHP/red LED/orange LED/vibration

3. EYE

Real warming and eye care with EMS

While warming with RF, a weak microcurrent is applied to the eyes, and EMS is used to stimulate and care for the muscles around the eyes. RF (radio wave) / EMS (high frequency) / microcurrent / vibration


For aftercare of each mode

Cooling and light (blue) tightens and leads to firm and firm skin. Cooling/Blue LED/Vibration

Body Size: W225×D205×H105mm

Packing Size: W280×D240×H160mm

Weight: 1,164 g