Natulla Coins (Reward Points)

Natulla Coins (Reward Points)

Natulla is a small and growing brand, it focuses on a new win-win lifestyle, natural and healthy but convenient products.

We need to stay with our users and maintain a more intimate connection, so we released our reward points system, which we call Natulla Coins.

natulla coins(reward points)

 You can earn Natulla Coins in several ways:

  • Signup (100 natulla coins)
  • Place an order (1 natulla coin for every $1 spent)
  • Follow on Instagram (100 natulla coins)
  • Product review (30 natulla coins)
*After commenting, our staff will increase your natulla coin balance.


You can use Natulla Coins in several ways:

  • Free shipping coupon (Cost 300 natulla coins)
  • Order discount (100 natulla coins = $10)
  • $100 off coupon (Cost 900 natulla coins)


We will continue to add more uses of natulla coin, please continue to follow us.

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