Natulla's Shipping Policy and Points System

How much is the shipping fee?

natulla JP is located in Japan, and all products are designed and manufactured in Japan.
All orders are sent from Japan, and depending on the region, DHL, FedEx, EMS (Japan post) and other methods will be selected as the shipping method.

The amount of shipping fee is 3000 yen (approximately US$22 on 2022/12/08), and all orders with an amount greater than US$300 will enjoy free shipping.


What is the points system?

All orders will get points, which we call Natulla coin.
You will get 1 Natulla coin for every dollar you spend, and 10 Natulla coins can be used equivalent to 1 dollar (shipping fee does not apply to the point system).
Example: A $300 order will enjoy free shipping and get $30 worth of natulla coins that you can use on your next purchase.

For more details, please click here.

Your Natulla coin balance can be checked at the ⭐️ icon in the lower left corner.

Happy shopping!